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About Near2021-01-16


Nice to meet you! Please call me Near.

I'm a software engineer with 23 years of experience living in Tokyo, Japan.

My specialty is reverse engineering hardware and software. I am most well-known for writing video game system emulators and producing Japanese-to-English video game fan translations. I have also created various tools and file formats used widely within these scenes.

Personality wise, I'm an INTJ-T. I mostly prefer to keep to my own spaces, and generally won't reach out first to others. I work alone, though I am at my best when I have friends nearby to support me. I tend to be overly sensitive and self-critical, and I am not the most adept at social graces, but I'm working on these challenges as best I can. I value honesty above politeness, and rationality above emotion. I have a strong desire to understand everything, and an overwhelming drive to achieve perfection, which often leads me to implementing everything I can myself.

I find I'm not content unless I am working on problems that are just beyond my limits, always seeking to increase my knowledge and capabilities. You'll pretty much always find me working on something, as I don't enjoy leisure time. CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)