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Bahamut Lagoon2021-06-01

Bahamut Lagoon is a tactical role-playing game released by Squaresoft on February 9th, 1996 for the Super Famicom (SNES.)

Here you will find our English fan-translation patch for the game.

Our project began on September 25th, 2020, and entered beta testing on December 25th, 2020. The official release was on February 9th, 2021 for Bahamut Lagoon's 25th anniversary.


Bahamut Lagoon (EN) [1.2]
Source Code (ISC) [1.2]





Near — programming and design
Tom — script translation


FlashPV — ending graphic
dev_urandom — italic font
blargg — optimized base56 coder
Zehzin — beta testing
socksfelloff — beta testing
Rock — beta testing
ContraryMotion — script proofreading
Ballz — script proofreading
Lord Nightmare — script proofreading CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)