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2021-02-08 01:31:49
ares v117 released

It is my privilege to release ares v117 today.

Most notably, this release adds Sony PlayStation emulation. Please understand however that this support is new, and compatibility will be low. That said, the base hardware is entirely emulated, including MDEC, SPU, CD-XA, memory card support, etc. It shouldn't take much effort to raise the compatibility to a respectable level in the future. And thanks to dynamic recompilation and multi-threading, it should run at full-speed even on modest hardware. ares can run games in either ISO/CUE or BIN/CUE format, as split/WAV files or as a single merged BIN file.

As for the Nintendo 64, Themaister has ported Parallel-RDP to it, and it too is now capable of running commercial games at full-speed, with accuracy just shy of Cen64. However, the support is too new and untested to release at this time, and memory card support has not been added yet. Nintendo 64 support should ship with the next release instead.

Beyond this, there are six months of emulation improvements: many new Famicom mappers were added, several Master System and Game Boy Advance emulation bugs were fixed, etc. Also, a second virtual gamepad has been added for multi-player support.


Source Code:

Everything I've ever written has been open source: ares won't be any different. But for the immediate future, I'm holding off while we work some things out. Namely:

1. I won't be using GitHub, so I have to set up an alternative version control system and issue tracker for hosting the code.
2. I don't want to subdivide fixes between higan and ares. That's already a big enough problem for higan and bsnes.
3. angrylion is non-commercial, and it's still part of ares if compiled in.
4. I don't personally want ares to be sold commercially. I realize that would make it non-FOSS, and I am okay with that.

For the time being, anyone involved in ares' development has access to the source code. And as with my promise in 2004, I stil remain committed to my final software release being under the ISC license. I'll try to get binaries ready for other platforms in the mean time. CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)