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2021-03-31 16:06:54
ares v119 released

I'm releasing ares v119 today, which includes very preliminary Sega 32X emulation support. Compatibility is currently at around 50% with the dynamic recompiler, probably closer to 75% with the cached interpreter, and since the system requirements were a bit too steep (on account of my Mega Drive core being cycle/dot-accurate), I downclocked the SH2s a bit until I can speed up the emulator more. You'll currently need about a Ryzen 5 2600 to hit 60fps reliably. With the underclock, my Ryzen 7 5800X hits 120fps, and without it, 85fps.

Although the compatibility for the new 32X core is a bit low, this is mostly due to pesky CPU bugs. The accuracy is quite high and I've emulated as much of the 32X and SH7604 peripheral functions as possible. I pass all 161 tests from the Mars Check Program. It should not take much more work to reach 98% compatibility in the future. Sega CD 32X emulation support is present, but is likely not functional, as I haven't tested it yet.

Other major features in this release include Sega SVP support for Virtua Racing, plus improved Nintendo 64, Mega Drive, and Mega CD emulation compatibility.

I'm going to start working on Sega Saturn emulation now, while Luke Usher works on Neo Geo emulation. No promises as to when or if these cores will become playable, I'm just giving you all a heads up since you'll see the skeletons for these systems in the source code now.


You can download ares v119 from the official website.

You can follow ares progress updates on my Twitter account.

Aside: while I have your attention, the official website for bsnes is now bsnes.dev, and for higan it is now higan.dev. If you run an emulation-related website, if you could please update your bookmarks I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you ^-^; CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)